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Welcome to Petrogav International Oil & Gas Training Center

Are you looking to start your career in Oil & Gas Industry?
PETROGAV INTERNATIONAL is a Globally Recognized Provider of Training Courses for Employment in Oil and Gas Industry. Our Corporate Training Courses cover aspects like HSE, Process, Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation & Control that will enable you to apply for any position in Oil and Gas Industry. Apply to our Corporate Training for Employment Programme and you will get a FREE LIFETIME ACCESS to:
- Corporate Video Training Platform (online access to more than 600 movies and animations);
- Corporate Learning Platform (online access to all courses in pdf format and video presentations);
- Corporate Jobs and Career Development Platform (online access for employment to drilling, oil & gas and service companies);
- Assistance in planning your career in the oil and gas industry (evaluation of your your academic qualifications or areas of interest);
- Employment assistance in oil and gas industry.

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Training Courses for Employment in Oil & Gas Industry

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